Hannah Giles
Full name: Hannah Leigh Giles
Alias: iluvadventuretime
Age: 12-13 in March
Occupation: Drawing :D
Sex: Female

Hannah: is bored so much, loves to draw and write, is friends with mostly everybody.


I don't know if it matters but I am tall- (like 5'7"), have blonde hair, blue-green-gray eyes, have braces, and long legs.


I am bored all the time, creative, I like rainbows, sunshine, and I'm a positive person :) I like animals, having fun, and I am friendly so I'm friends with mostly everyone. I like to draw and write. The 1 person I'm mad at in AT wiki chat is Funcartfire. He irritates me and I can't even talk to him these days :/ Anything else people know about me- feel free to edit this so you can say it! Oh, and all the time I'll randomly get hyper :3 all the time. XD