Forest Laverick Edit

Forest Laverick
full name:   Forest Laverick (age 16)
Occupation:  Day dreamer
Sex:     Female
Relatives: none that she knows of
Significant others: none
Portrayed by: Fluffy105
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Forest L.


Forest is able to talk and communicate with plants and animals. She is very skilled with natural medicines.


Forest will befriend anyone who comes to see her. She is very open to people and enjoys company.


She has long deep red waist-length hair. She usually wears natural colors because she likes to spend her time in the woods. She wears things that enable her to manover quickly through the woods.


Forest is a deep thinker who is calm and clever. She is quiet and enjoys spending her time with animals and sketching them in the woods. She is a daydreamer who loves to watch the clouds and not think of problems she has. She hates drama and prefers to stay away from cities and towns. She loves to live off the land and trust the earth. She is very truthful.