Chris Garcia 
Full name: Chris Garcis 
Occupation: Student
Member of:  
Sex:  Male
Significant Others: None
Portrayed by: Freekingamer

 Chris Garcia is a student attending Bouken High.


He has short dark brown hair that is most of the time unkeeped and shaggy. He wears his uniform to school, but adds his own accesory to it to make more like how he is like wearing a hoodie on all the time so he can have the bad-boy look (he only looks like a bad-boy cuz he does not want others to use his kindness and stuff) He also has a pet finger monkey that sits on his shoulder.


Chris does not talk a lot but when he does if he is trying to act like a bad-boy he talks in a low voice with logic. He does not ever really show how he feels to others. But he is kind caring and wants to help others feel better about things.